We are group of highly functioning individual striving to make aquatics a better place to work, reside and teach. All disciplines are welcome to the attend and be apart of this non profit organisation. We are always in need of natural leaders and ethical individuals to join our team.

We have so many members who are apart of the huge community we call aquatics, whether you are looking to volunteer, cheer your cause or become apart the committee we welcome any and all who wish to do so. Get in contact with us and let us know how you could benefit the IAP or even whether you only have limited time to volunteer. We implore everyone to become of this driving difference we are commited and strive to make.

david gal - chairperson


We have a steadfast group of individuals who run our volunteer base and they are the backbone of this organisation, from arranging events, running Teams or processing data. These are the foundation block this organisation is built on.


David Gal – Chairperson

Naomi Dodge – Vice Chairperson

Nicki Riley-Taylor – Secretary

Gabby Metcalf – Treasurer

Bradley Willis-Dixon – Liaison

Robyn Wilkins – Education

what it takes